Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eeyore and Surviving Abuse

I spent a good deal of my life as a daily survivor of abuse. 

I felt if I could make it through the day alive, I had done a good thing.

I would wake up each day happy the sun was up, but like Eeyore, always looking for someone to come up behind me, feeling like a part of me was lost (like Eeyore’s tail) and I would never be happy. The photo is of my two stuffed Eeyores.

I faked happy, I forced myself to not think about the things that were going on and actually enjoyed my life outside of home. 

I have many Eeyore stuffed toys, posters and little statuettes. This is not to remind me of what happened, not at all, but to remind me of how strong I was under adversity. That I made it out, that I am a survivor. Now when things go wrong in my life, I think of Eeyore and how he helped me in the worst of times. 

Sometimes it helps to have something to prove to yourself that you are a survivor, something beyond the physical and mental scars. Find something for yourself and remember, you are a survivor. Stay strong, and seek like minded people. It really helps to talk to someone who has or is going through what you are.

After you have gotten away from the abuse and are taking back control of your life, talk to your shadow self, (see post about connecting to your shadow self) when you are ready, to help deal with hidden pain. Do not blame yourself, even if you had a part. Stand back and look at the situation objectively. No one deserves to be bullied or abused. Abuse will be covered more extensively in other posts as it affects our spiritual self and may have ties to past lives. 

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