Thursday, April 9, 2015

Have You Seen a Ghost/Spirit?

Have you ever experienced seeing a ghost? 

I have, but then I am a psychic/medium, I was born seeing ghosts. I believe everyone has the ability to see spirits, at least a little. It may be something darting in the corner of your eye or a strange mist when there is no reason for one. I have seen full body apparitions before and didn't realize they were not among the living until they tried to speak.

When you are talking to someone, and they disappear, not walk away... actually disappear,.. vanish into thin can rest assured were just talking to a ghost. Look around and see if anyone was watching and if they were, act like you have an ear bud in and were talking on the phone, then walk away casually.

Where I am living now, there are some ornery ones, poltergeist, if you will.

For example:

I thought one of my kids had been helpful in taking down some of the holiday decorations, which I appreciated except I could not figure out where they went to. I asked them where they had put the decorations and through deductive reasoning, I realized that the kids were not in the house at the time I saw the decorations missing. 

We still have not found them...

When I was younger it was not uncommon for me to have articles of clothing come up missing, only to find them later out in the woods.

The photo I have shared with this article is one I took of a friend of mine. There was no mist around this person that any of us could see with our eyes, but there it was in the photo. I am not showing who it was because they requested to not be shown, but this is a close-up of the largest part if the mist that was around this person. It was located at their mid-section.

This photo is MINE! Please do not steal it. Copyright 2015 Cynthianne Neighbors All rights reserved. 

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