Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why Purple Orb?

I chose Purple Orb Metaphysics for the name of my site because purple is the color of psychic abilities and intelligence. If you see a purple orb floating near you, or in a photo, you can be sure that the spirit was an intelligent one.

At this site my goal is to share my experiences and things that I have learned throughout my educational career and my life. I was born a psychic/medium and have spent my life studying why we exist and who we are. I am open minded and welcome all who want to visit here, no matter gender or species.

Some topics I will cover are past life regression, LGBT spiritual questions, mind, body and soul spirituality (non-denominational. I want everyone to feel welcome). I will cover topics such as Star Children, Indigo and Crystal children as well as meditation to reach your higher self.

If you want to see a topic covered here, feel free to make a suggestion. I do not want bashers. This site is to be a place of comfort and calmness.

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